This webinar will cover how a HTRUST CSF certification:

  • Provides significant assurances that can be relied upon by all applicable parties such as clients, vendors, shareholders, and internal stakeholders
  • Differentiates your organization relative to security and privacy posture
  • Reduces unnecessary efforts of responding to third-party proprietary questionnaires
  • Increases awareness of your organization’s relative exposure, inherent risk, current security posture, and the maturity of your information risk management program
  • Potentially helps save on cybersecurity insurance premiums

You will also learn:

  • Tips for finding a suitable assessor
  • Key questions to ask potential assessors during the vetting and selection process to make sure you select the best partner

Host: Jenn Pantle, Event Marketer, Paubox

Panelists: Cathlynn Nigh, CEO and Founder, BEYOND LLC | Michael Parisi, VP of Business Development and Adoption, HITRUST | Rick Kuwahara, COO/CCO, Paubox

Mike Parisi

Michael Parisi

VP of Business Development and Adoption, HITRUST

Michael is a seasoned information security and privacy industry professional. He served as a lead healthcare industry expert, a national healthcare third-party assurance specialist and the national HITRUST services lead for Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

Michael’s experience with healthcare and information technology security and privacy spans over 16 years. He is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), a Certified HITRUST CSF Practitioner, a certified public accountant and an active member of ISACA and IAPP.


Cathlynn Nigh

CEO and Founder, BEYOND LLC

Cathlynn is CEO and founder of BEYOND LLC.  BEYOND is a woman-owned and managed consulting firm that is specific to performing HITRUST assessments.  She leads a team of highly-skilled information security and information technology professionals in delivering the highest level of service and quality to BEYOND clients.  Success is offered through “one to one” personalized attention to ensure that each client meets their objectives and goals.


Rick Kuwahara

COO/CCO, Paubox

Rick has over 13 years of strategic management experience in the technology, nonprofit, and insurance industries. He ensures Paubox is operating efficiently and securely while meeting regulatory requirements. Rick graduated from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa with a B.A. in English and an MBA.

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